Steam cleaning to remove scabies from your house upholstered furniture and carpets

In order to prevent reinfestation, it is important to make your environment as inhospitable to Scabies Mites as possible.



Mattresses, sofas and armchairs are the primary reason most people get reinfested. The scabies mites leave your body while you are lying in bed and venture into the mattress and come back up the next night to reinfest you when they sense warmth. Use a professional steam cleaning service to immediately get rid of any Scabies, Mites and eggs on the seams and tufts of your mattress and upholstered furniture.

Order carpet steam cleaning service and that should kill any of the remaining bugs on the carpets. Steam cleaning is a great way to keep the house extra clean and scabies free. Vacuum vigorously and often to remove as many Scabies mites as possible and discard the bag each time to prevent them from being blown right back into the air. We suggest using a vacuum with a hepa filter and a crevice tool for maximum cleaning.

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