Customize your home cleaning checklist

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Sample checklist of cleaning tasks


Printable House Cleaning Checklist by Cosmopolit Cleaning

This checklist is a guide for both you and for our cleaners. It is an excellent way to communicate your priorities to us and for us to show you the wide range of cleaning services we can provide.

Download our complete regular cleaning tasklist (Adobe PDF)

Entrance Area
to do
Dining Room
to do
Clean Skirting     Clean pictures    
Wipe Door Clean     Clean Drinks Cabinet    
Vacuum Carpet     Clean Mirrors    
Wash Floor     Clean Skirting    
      Clean Fireplace    
    Clean Tables    
Clean Hob     Dust Chairs    
Wipe Outside Cupboards     Dust Surfaces    
Clean Inside Cupboards     Polish Silver    
Clean Inside Microwave     Vacuum Carpet    
Clean Out Fridge     Wash Windows (inside)    
Clean Oven     Wipe Window Ledges    
Wash Floor          
Wipe Outside of Oven    
Clean Sink     Clean Mirrors    
Wash Up     Clean Pictures    
Wash Windows (inside)     Clean Skirting Boards    
Wipe Washing Machine     Dust Surfaces    
Wipe Tumble Dryer     Dust Cupboards    
      Change Sheets    
Living Room
    Make Beds    
Clean Pictures     Polish Brass/Silver    
Clean Mirrors     Vacuum Carpets    
Clean Fireplace     Wipe Window Ledges    
Clean Tables     Wash Doors    
Clean Radiator          
Dust Chairs    
Dust surfaces     Clean bath/Sink    
Polish Brass/Silver     Clean Mirrors    
Vacuum Carpet     Clean Shower Cabinet    
Wash Windows (inside)     Clean Tiles/Surfaces    
Wipe Window Ledges     Clean Taps    
Wash Doors     Clean Radiator    
      Clean Toilet    
    Wash Floor    
Polish Handrails    
Clean Skirting     Shirts    
Wash Floors     Dresses    
Wash Walls     Knitwear    
      Note: We expect our cleaners
to iron approx. 8 shirts per hour.

You can call us for regular house cleans help and advice or alternatively you can book your regular cleaning service online and we will get back to you shortly.


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